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Mail Mastery is essential for service-based businesses and freelancers to manage communication, overcome issues, and fuel growth.

Simply copy, paste and customize 250 Email Templates to get the answers you want from clients and seal the deal with 30 Business Documents to boot.

Whats Included:

  • 250 customizable email templates covering every aspect of client communication
  • A range of 30+ essential business documents such as invoices, proposals, and client intake guides
  • Email templates available in Notion and Word Doc formats for maximum flexibility
  • Time-saving and hassle-free solution for busy service-based businesses and freelancers
  • Professionally crafted templates that you can easily adapt to your brand and communication style


  • Improve your business's efficiency and productivity by saving time on repetitive tasks
  • Impress clients with clear and professional communication that reflects your brand
  • Avoid miscommunication and misunderstandings by using templates specifically designed for client communication
  • Reduce stress and anxiety associated with handling client communication by having a reliable and comprehensive set of templates at your fingertips
  • Grow your business with ease by streamlining your operations and focusing on what you do best - delivering quality services to your clients.

Mail Mastery has Email Templates for virtually all situations like when...

Fundamental Emails

  • You Receive an Enquiry
  • A Prospect has Booked a Call to Find Out More About Your Product and Services
  • You Submit the Proposal
  • You Send the Contract
  • The Client Onboarding Guide Is Sent to the Client
  • You Send the Initial Invoice
  • A Payment is Made by the Client
  • You Send More Invoices
  • The Project Is Open for Review
  • Approval on Revisions Is Needed

Services, Solutions & Offerings

  • A Client Shows Interest in Your Services But Doesn't Send Any Details
  • A Prospect Is Unwilling to Sign a Contract
  • A Client Wants to Book in a Call
  • Changes to Your Service Offerings
  • Refusing to Work Again with a Previous Client
  • A Client Decides to Go with Another Service Provider
  • A Client Has a Request That You Can't Work on at the Moment
  • A Client Isn't Happy with Work You Produce
  • You're Unable to Perform a Requested Task
  • A Client Backtracks on a Previous Request
  • A Client Has Requested to Cancel Their Contract

Marketing & Promo

  • Reaching Out to Collaborate with Other Businesses
  • Get an Influencer Onboard for Endorsements
  • Following Up After a Networking Event

Onboarding Clients

  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Signing Legal Docs
  • Getting the Client set up with the Project Management App
  • Getting the Client set up with File Sharing
  • Potential Clients & Getting Paid
  • A Client Says You're Too Expensive
  • You Increase Your Rates
  • A Client Wants Work Done Without Paying for It
  • A Client is Late in Making a Payment
  • A Client Wants A Refund
  • A Client Says They Can't Make the Final Payment

Project Schedule & Scope

  • A Client Can't Come to a Decision About the Project
  • When a Client Is Delaying the Timeline
  • A Client Wants More Revisions Than Contract Permits
  • When a Client Disappears or Is Not Reachable
  • A Client Asks to Extend the Timeline

Business Boundaries

  • When a Client Contacts You Outside of Office Hours
  • When a Client keeps trying to Contact You Outside of Office Hours

Handling Customer Service

  • Responding to Positive Client Feedback
  • Reinforce a Positive Relationship After an Issue Has Been Solved
  • Responding to Negative Client Feedback
  • Responding to Complaints
  • A Customer Case can’t be Resolved
  • Following Up after No Response

Thank You, Next!

  • A Client Is Being Downright Rude
  • When You Make A Mistake
  • A Client Thinks They Can Do Your Job
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Mail Mastery

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