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Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack, Project Portal & Client Dashboard


This is the Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack, Project Portal & Client Dashboard. Built in Notion and made up of every Template and Document a freelancer, business owner, remote worker or indie maker could ever need across the categories of:

✓ Prospecting and Proposals

✓ Client Onboarding

✓ Project Management

✓ Payment

✓ Marketing

✓ Personal Growth

✓ Business Growth

✓ Finances

✓ Tools

It means no more wasting time having to fill out the same details on multiple pages and you can set up customizable Client Portals - to handle projects from start to finish - in seconds.


✓ 50+ Templates and Documents that can be saved online or downloaded in PDF, CSV and even HTML

✓ Quick Set Up Guide to get everything set up in no time

✓ Create unlimited Client Portals in Notion in a couple of clicks

✓ Content can be synced across pages and portals so no need to type out the same details over and over

✓ Customize client portals to feature your own or your clients branding

✓ Communicate with clients and send and receive files, relevant information, and deliverables

Focus less on admin with 50+ Templates & Docs

Access a vast library of every template and doc you can think of. Presentations, Invoices, Portfolios and more can be easily customized for you, your clients and projects.

Onboard Clients & Manage Projects in One Place

Create unlimited, customizable Notion based Client Portals. Manage projects from start to finish - from writing proposals to submitting work to sharing invoices and getting paid.

The Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack brings together everything needed to begin, run and grow a freelance business with the following features...

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Last updated Jan 21, 2024

Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack Edition

✓ 50+ Templates and Documents
✓ Quick Set Up Guide
✓ Unlimited Customizable Client Portals
✓ Synced content across pages and portals
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Notion 50+ Page Freelancer Pack, Project Portal & Client Dashboard

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