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Fuelance Freelance System

Find Freelance Opportunities on Autopilot. Onboard Clients & Manage Projects Effortlessly.

Fuelance helps you to find repeatable clients in record time and collaborate and communicate with them in customizable workspaces in real time.

✓ Immediate Access ✓ No Subscription ✓ Lifetime Updates ✓ 60 Days Support

Fuelance is the veritable Swiss Army Knife to build profitable freelance businesses with

This comprehensive Notion Based Dashboard & System is the full cycle freelancing solution that gets you set up with automated lead generation systems, customizable client platforms, 50+ documents/templates, cold outreach guides and more.

Learn how to find Unlimited Leads through Automation

Create your own lead gen systems to keep quality jobs flowing in to fuel your growth. Work on well-paying projects in the time you'd normally spend looking for them.

Stream Leads instantly with the Lead Superconductor System

Load up RSS feeds that are already sourcing jobs from Google, Social Media, Job Boards, Sites and Hidden Platforms. Focus in on the opportunities you want by following the tutorials

Onboard Clients & Manage Projects in One Place

Create unlimited, customizable Notion based Client Portals. Manage projects from start to finish - from writing proposals to submitting work to sharing invoices and getting paid.

Focus less on admin with 50+ Templates & Docs

Access a library of every template and doc you'll ever need. Presentations, Invoices, Portfolios and more can be easily customized for you, your clients and projects

Scale with Step by Step Guides

Start guaranteeing revenue by following freelance planning and success guides. Turn prospects into paying customers with cold email outreach, pitch templates and more.


Fuelance brings together everything needed to begin, run and grow a freelance business with the following features...


How are you qualified to create this?

Before I created systems and resources like this I was a freelancer myself for many, many years. I began selling on Fiverr, then moved up to bigger marketplaces. Changing algorithms led me to then do it independently where I was constantly in a feast or famine work cycle.

After much research into how to end the dry spells, Fuelance came to be. In fact I wish I could go back and give my younger self Fuelance. But I can't, so I’m giving it to you.

Is it just $99? Are you sure there's no hidden extras?

Pay $99 once and it will give you lifetime access to Fuelance. And I can confirm that there are no hidden fees. Ever.

I'm not sure it’s worth the investment

It takes a lot of to time to find clients, land projects and the rest of it. Fuelance helps with all that by ultimately saving you time and money.

So how does this actually work?

Directly after purchase, you'll get access to the private links to the system.

Do you have a refund policy?

It's digital and it’s a lot of content so I can't refund for the pack. But if you have any issues I’ll be here to help you.

Do I need to pay for Notion to use this?

Absolutely not. No way. You get full lifetime access and updates to Fuelance with Notions free plan without having to upgrade. Pinkie promise.

Do I need RSS?

To get set up with the lead gen generation systems you will need an RSS reader. There's many that are free but the best one to use with Fuelance is Feedbin which is only $5 a month. And no, I'm not on thir payroll.

What's the format of the product?

Fuelance is created with Notion, Airtable, RSS and some serious blood, sweat and tears on my part. Sweat and tears mainly.

Can I share the templates with work colleagues or my friends?

Co-workers, yes. Friends, no. And usually co-workers only pretend to be your friend, but you can be the judge of that. Feel free to show the work you created and handled in Fuelance but no sharing. After all you paid for it, not them.

If I have a question how can I get in touch?

Either catch me on Twitter @hansolopreneur, on the livechat at, or send an email to Any time of the day. Or night.

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Fuelance’s comprehensive system and documents help you to keep quality clients flowing and fuel your freelance growth.

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Fuelance Freelance System

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