HoneyPot - Beehiiv Newsletter Database

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HoneyPot is a database of 1100+ Beehiiv Newsletters

It includes details like the newsletter title, the URL/link to the publication and categories and topics covered in each publication.

Learn and reach out to the 1100+ publications on the platform that's leveraging the Creator Economy.

**DISCLAIMER: The product is not affiliated with Beehiiv .com in anyway.

The database includes details like newsletter titles, the URL/link to the publication and categories and topics covered in each publication.

Here's how it came about.

1️⃣ With the new breed of newsletter platforms (like Beehiiv, Sparkloop etc) I love the in-house  tools that they offer - like referrals, recommendations, monetization, and giveaways that help creators grow. 

But, even when creators are given tools like that, the issue of finding a broad range of mutual and similar publications to work with still remains. All in all trying to find them is a big time suck.

2️⃣ How HoneyPot helps

The database helps you find like minded newsletters that are published on the platform. And you'll get insights on the best newsletters in your niche that are using Beehiiv to grow with:

📬 Airtable database of 1100+ newsletters (no Airtable subscription necessary)

📬 Links to subscription pages that include social accounts to connect with creators on

📬 100s of Filterable categories including Startups, SaaS, Founders, Creators, Productivity, Tech, Writing, Tech, Web3, Education, Digital Products,Career Development, Creators, Business, Investing and much, much more

📬 Lifetime access and updates

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Last updated May 23, 2023

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HoneyPot - Beehiiv Newsletter Database

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